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About Installatörsföretagen

Installatörsföretagen is the Swedish Installation Federation in English. We are an employers’ association representing the Swedish plumbing and electrical industry. We support our members in their everyday life whilst working for their future.

About Installatörsföretagen

The Swedish Installation Federation represent over 4 000 member companies with around 60 000 employees who install, optimize and control your heating, ventilation, water, electricity and telecommunications. Our members are entrepreneurs, employers and businessmen – active in the field of technical installations. We also represent the electric power entrepreneurs who provide the infrastructure for Swedens electricity needs.

We are an idea-driven, politically unrelated industry and employers’ organization that believes in the power of entrepreneurship. We are experts in our areas and are driven by making a difference for our member companies. We have a glowing passion for the installers' ability to create tomorrow's society.

Our business focus is employee relationships, industry development, opinion formation and lobbying for corporate conditions. Through our business advisors our members receive service and support in their role as employer and entrepreneur.

Our members' interests are gained through, among other things, influence work and information to authorities, politicians and the broad public about the importance of the industry for a modern society and its people.

We are members of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

You will find us in 12 regional location offices, from Skellefteå in the North, to Malmö in the South. We are approximately 100 employees.

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The transition towards a sustainable society

One of the most imporant issues today is the transition towards a sustainable society. This is our opportunity to make our members’ voices heard. They are able to do a lot of the neccessary work ahead.

For this to be possible we need to support our members so they can:

Be attractive employers, provide quality-assured skills and be competetive entrepreneurs.

Attractive employers
  • Attract people to interesting jobs
  • Welcoming for everyone – equality and diversity
  • A safe work environment
Quality-assured skills provision
  • Skills that match the industry needs, today and in the future
  • A more multifaceted industry
  • More ways to enter

We have our own schools – INSU, ETG and REFIS. Through ETG Sweden we have a partnership with approximately 50 schools. We are the installers voice within the school system.

Competetive entrepreneurship
  • Everything in order
  • Ready for the future
  • Modern collective agreements

Everything in order – to support our members so they are able to work within a healthy industry where our contribution is ID06, making their voices heard in the tax deduction (ROT) discussion, our own management system, AB and ABT industry standards.

We help our members be ready for the future – through projects such as Profitable Entrepreneurship, Water Safety (Säker Vatten), ELRÄTT, our Economic Rate Report and our trend reports.

We negotiate modern collective agreements. It should be obvious for our members and their customers that it’s more benefitial for a company to have a collective agreement than to not have one.

Our offer
  • Quality-assured skills provision
  • Advice from our experts
  • Education
  • Tools and resources
  • Newsletters
  • IN Förlag (discounted books and manuals)
  • Regional presence and networks
  • Opinion formation
  • The installations of the future
  • Collective agreements
  • Laws and agreements
  • Profitable entrepreneurship
  • Useful templates
  • Online promotion through our website www.installatorsforetagen.se
  • Insurance
  • Important employers information
  • Professional management system
  • Säker El (electricity safety)
  • Discounted courses and education at INSU
  • IN Rabatt (discounted fuel, work vehicles and insurance, exclusive to our members)
  • Employment agreements

The Swedish model

In The Swedish model the parties in the labor market – trade unions and employers – jointly negotiate what rules that will apply in the labor market. Together, we regulate wages, employment conditions, working environment, occupational pensions, insurance and more that are specific to our industries. This then forms the basis for the industry-specific collective agreements. This means that Installatörsföretagen and our trade union counterparts set the rules for the labor market in Sweden together.

Below you can see a short film about The Swedish Model, produced by Svenskt Näringsliv (Confederation of Swedish Enterprise):